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A graduate of the University of Maryland with a Bachelors of Arts in Economics, Natalie Donahue has been helping businesses with merchant processing since 1996.  During that time period the industry has seen major changes including going from two categories where a transaction could qualify (swiped and non-swiped) to today where there are several hundred.  Today’s processing environment has many areas that are important for business owners because lack of understanding in any of these areas could mean losses to the business.

Through the years Natalie has developed partnerships with many businesses helping merchants in lowering their costs, providing better services and helping the owners to retain their hard earned profits.  A large piece of what Natalie focuses on is educating the business on their risks.  In the end, risks can destroy the bottom line.  Some areas have higher costs while some have increased chances of occurring.  On our website you will find several articles to help you and your business understand the industry and what affects your business.

Service is the backbone of our beliefs and we value every client – from the small home based business who is seasonal to the large organizations that process millions.  Referral marketing has been our largest source of clients for the past 10 years.  Our partnerships allow us to help associations and co-op members and can provide a revenue stream for the association or co-op.

Experience; it does make a difference when your industry is as complex as merchant processing and we have it.  Benefit from our low cost pricing with programs to fit every business need.


Our mission is “To Provide Outstanding Service such that our clients become our friends.”

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