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Option 1: For New and Small Businesses

Small and new businesses can take advantage of a new program designed to minimize the costs while still providing all the services. For a $10.00 monthly fee you can process swipe cards at 2.75% + .29 per transaction and non-swiped transactions at 3.5% + .29. It includes our virtual terminal which you can have a swiper added for your laptop for only $100.  If you want to utilize your website use our gateway for only an additional $10 each month and no additional transaction fees. or add a swiper for your Droid, Blackberry or Apple and accept card present transactions

With this program it includes our comprehensive compliance program to help your business meet the industry requirements as well as protecting your business and has reimbursement available for clients up to $100,000 with the range dependent on the level of compliance. There is no annual fee and no cancellation fee.

Option 2:  For Businesses who process more than $25,000 per year in credit cards

We offer a cost plus pricing program which allows you to pay for what you use.  There is a set mark up (not more than 18 basis points and see the example below) you benefit when your customers use a lower cost card – especially if they are using their check cards.  This pricing structure is the most fair pricing available for merchants and your rates can only go up by the actual amount of the wholesale rate changes.  This means your competitive rate will still be competitive in five years rather than watch the processors profits increase each year with the annual increases.

Example:   You process $50,000 per month and our rate is 12 basis points over cost and .12 per transaction.  If someone uses a card that wholesales for 2.0% + .10 then you would pay 2.12% plus .20 on that transaction so for a $250.00 transaction you would pay $250 x 2.12% = $5.30 + .22 = $5.52

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